Internet Safety

Here's some tips to keep you safe online.

Never say "yes" to a stranger online.

Watch out for snooping people looking for more passwords.

Have a strong password.

Her's some examples of STRONG passwords.


M4M1 12.


5UP3R T3D.


Never use your date of birth as a password.

Keep your personal stuff private and think about what you say and do online.

Don't use a word in the dictionary as a password.Hackers use programs that will try every word in the dictionary to guess passwords.

Do not share your password with anyone. This includes your best friend.

Do not use the same password for every site.

Be sure to change your password often.

Use a combinations of letters,numbers and symbols.

Do not use your name EVER in a password.

Use a nickname in a password and use avatars for a picture not your real face.

If someone is mean or sends a nasty messages online, block them.

Being safe is about smart, making the right choices and knowing what to do when you just don't feel happy about something.

Blwyddyn 6