Good morning Year One !

We hope you had a great learning day yesterday! Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about your child's learning on:

Here are your instructions for today! First of all watch the introduction video, then get ready for your exercise with Jo Wicks. Prepare your Literacy writing sheet as you watch Mrs Leow-Clifford's video explaining what to do next.

After Literacy is Maths time. Your Maths lesson is called Compared Statements 1. In this lesson you have some word problems to solve and use an appropriate sign > or <.

Here are your answers from yesterday's task:

It is time for lunch now, have a good break.

After lunch you can watch 2 Phonics videos, one is a lesson and the other one is for you to practice the 'sh' sound. The next activity is reading. We hope you all know your colour band?

The last activity for the day is Science. Watch the video where I am explaining the task, then watch and listen to the Body parts song. Your job is to draw your body and label it, like on this picture.

Have a great day everyone!

Ms. Boric and Mrs. Leow-Clifford

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