Scarcity is were there is not enough things that not everybody or everyone has enough

of. This what we learnt this week in school. Scarcity, it is! We had learnt many things

about the word Scarcity- as our key word of the day.

Firstly, we all had to design a flag for our society. So we all designed one in our draft

books then to vote on our tables. Afterwards as a whole class. Unfortunately, my flag

design was not chosen but a class mate named Lily was the best. She was chosen.

This is where the really lesson about scarcity really begins as our first topic in Micro

Society. We all read a part from a story about a planet, which had every thing it

needed. Unfortunately, the people on this planet was not looking after it.Crops and plant

started to die.

Then we all played a game from the subject of scarcity. We all had a pack and we can only

use what what was in the pack. We had to make a circle or square with the diameter of 10

centimeters. Not everybody had what they needed. But no one was happy to trade with

us. But we did all our best.

Well... i enjoyed. Hope the rest of Andromeda class did to.