One morning, Emma was playing in her garden. When, SUDDENLY a very small, fly looking creature came up to her ... “It’s my friend, Beatrix the pixie,”she exclaimed. Beatrix handed Emma a letter. “OH NO!” Emma cried. The Dragons and the Griffins were attacking the Unicorns, they needed to go now! You see Emma was part of a Secret Club, they had a massive SECRET! They knew lots of mythical creatures and had gone on many adventures with them. She ran to gather in her friends, they were: Nia, Olivia, Bella, Lilly and of course herself. They always had their meetings in the Scouts hut, because nobody ever went there. So that was that. They quickly huddled together to decide what to do. The Club had an bright idea. They arranged for the fairy’s and the pixies to come. At a signal, these flying creatures would dive gracefully and quietly then shoot powerful spells. The friends headed for the back of the room to get a ride in the travelling bubble. It would only take one second to get to magic world. When they got there, the fairy’s and the pixies got ready to dive. At a signal the mythical creatures dived... This was the most dramatic scene the girls had seen. It worked. I cannot believe it can you? The relived party turned around and started walking to the travelling bubble. That night, the scout hut was a pumping place full of exited people and creatures. After the party was finished, everyone went home going over busy day. Emma went to bed feeling very proud of her friends!