This week we discussed what enterprise was:a way of life that focuses on the importance of individual people creating their own businesses and wealth or A culture based on an economic policy that encourages commercial initiative and audacious imaginative planning.

we also read a bit more of the story of NOTENUF in the story there was a computer witch took care of everyone and the planet was called just enuf and everyone forgot to take care of computer and one day the computer broke

and everyone argued over the nutri bags flavors and captain say they will do lottery for flavors and he also gave all of them some seeds so they could grow food some family's traded seeds for nutri bags and then they hade no seeds so they were poor and they were starving so they started steeling and captain told them that there was no steeling allowed or people starving to death ...

we also looked at civil service jobs at first i wanted to be leader but then i wanted to be a shop manager like my lovely mother

we also did a questionnaire and i was in the middle

of likely to have own business .

I cant wait till next lesson.

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