Horrible geography Anita Ganeri

We found this book interesting and it also tells you a lot about geography. It also tells you those funny smells they you can smell sometimes they are horrible. I like this book because it has funny endings in all of them. It also has a funny middle of the story and I find it funny to read. You can learn lots of funny things that you didn’t know about.
Big Red Tomatoes
By Pamela Graham
By Courtney
T and Kelsey D.

We have chosen this book because it is all about fruit and plants that grow.

They taste good in a salad and Tomatoes are grown in farms.

We recommend this book because it has got loads of facts in it and it tells how plants are grown aswell.

Plants grow by putting seeds in the ground and rain and sunshine makes it grow.

The one that is on the soil is trying to grow.

The First picture is showing you how they have been grown and are ready to eat. They are nice and juicy.

We chose this book because it’s about butterflies.

Did you know… in Britain that there are 56 native species or types of butterflies  also there are 3 species that are regular visitors  flying  other the  English channel from Europe  9 that visit occasion