Pathe News 1968

In Grosvenore Square on the 17th of March 1968, in front of the

American Embassy. The Demonstration against the British

and American involvement in the war in Vietnam. People saw the

war as a symbol of the unfairness in the world. Looked like there

was a change in attitudes.

Minutes of meeting between Government and LSE 1969

LSE(London School of Economics) was one of the top universities that was part of the Establishment.

There was a meeting that took place between Shirley Williams (the labour education secretary) and Lord Robbins (a key LSE figure).Robbins had a aim to create a new university to serve as a revolutionary centre. He brings in what he calls the ordinary student. '' The ordinary student, who was disturbed by world affairs and questioning society's values, they felt confused and frustrated and gave expression by demonstration and protest. Ordinary students began to change what they were thinking.