Year 3 and 4 are very excited to be performing the play "Peter Pan" for you on Wednesday 13th December.

We have given all children the choice as to whether or not they would like a speaking part. If they have decided that they would like one, their wish has been granted. A little fairy dust is all it needed!

Please see below for parts and costumes needed for the performance. Please do not feel that you have to spend money on costumes. We will help out in school as best we can, if needed.

If you have any problems or worries about supplying a costume for your child, please see the Y3/4 teachers ASAP, so that we have plenty of time to help you out in any way we can.

Costumes need to be sent into school by Monday December 4th in a named bag, please.

Do you believe in fairies? If not, you will by the end of the year! We will also be singing the songs in our sleep!

J M Barrie - Annabel (Y3)

Peter Pan - Mollie (Y4)

Wendy - Abby (Y4)

Grown up Wendy - Mya (Y4)

Wendy's daughter (Jane) - Freya (Y4)

Mr Darling - Josef (Y4)

Mrs Darling - Isabella (Y3)

Nana - Sonny (Y4)

Tinker Bell - Lydia (Y3)

Crocodile - Marc (Y3)

Neverbird - Lucy (Y4)

John - Archie W (Y4)

Michael - Alex (Y4)

Lost boys -

Y4 - Austin, Sophie N, Steffan, Lexie, Logan.

Y3 - Griff, Harry, Sophie P, Evie, Joshua

Pirates -

Y4 - Phoebe, Summer, Kirstie, Archie H, Ebony,

Ella D

Y3 - Preston, Seren, Milly

Smee - Scarlett - (Y4)

Starkey - Lewis (Y4)

Captain Hook - Dylan (Y3)

Braves (Red Indians)

Y3 - Jennifer, Amelie, Lucas, Sophia, Ben

Y4 - Lacie,

Great Big Little Panther (Chief)- Ellie P

Tiger lily - Ella-Louise - (Y4)


Old clothes - "Ripped" trousers and a plain T-shirt.


Pirate hat and any pirate themed costume. A foam play sword, if you have one.

Smee and Starky - Red bobble hat, blue and white striped t-shirt and blue trousers.

Red Indian costume -

Band/headdress with feather.

John - pyjamas Michael - "Onesie"

Please come to see a teacher from Y3/4.

We will see these parents individually.