A challenge!!!

Okay, your challenge is to write a story featuring all of these things!

A dog, Mrs Walnut, a beach, a bucket and a snake.

Here is my example: Once upon a time, lived an old lady named Mrs Walnut, she was a very happy lady, until one day she saw a snake, then she was too frightened to go anywhere, so where did she go for a holiday? An English beach, where there will be no snakes! When she was on the beach she found a beautiful bucket, with a gorgeous dog in it, she had to take it. So, she lived happily ever after, still afraid of snakes,

The End!

So know it's your turn.

How to Enter: You either write it up (computer or hand.) and give it to me - Mia in Peake Y5. Or write it down in the comments below or, yes there is a third way, write it up as a blog and call it

THE CHALLENGE STORY! Write it in caps and I will look at it and comment!