Sunday 6th April 2020

Dear diary,

The Coronavirus has come to the UK  so it’s been a long day. I hate to admit it, but I miss school and Mosque.  I miss my friends and teachers. People are panicking because of the Coronavirus , which makes me want to. We’re  on lockdown ,so it’s kind of weird as  streets aren’t as busy and nights aren’t as loud. At the start  I was happy that everything had closed, but now I’m not so sure.

Normally my days are full of things to do ;either school, mosque or both. No matter what,Whether I  had a bad day or good, I wouldn’t be bored or wander what to do. Now I realise that I might as well go to school than stay at home…People are saying that we are going to be like this for six months, and that the prime minister’s got it too .Sometimes I worry that a close friend or Family member might get it. In worse night mares , I fear we might get it too .

Well, that’s all for today diary because I don’t want to talk about the Coronavirus anymore and because I’m not bothered. Tomorrow though, there should be more.

Aymen xxx