To support our learning theme we ask that you send in two photos on Monday. Please provide a photo of your child as a baby, with their name on the back, in addition to a current photo of your child. We will be discussing how we have changed since we were little as well as exploring a range of baby foods and toys with our sense of taste.

In your child’s wallet next week you will find a copy of their personal targets. We ask that you help us to support your child to reach these targets through experiences and play at home or when out and about. Please comment on the target sheet regularly so that we know how they are getting on. If your child reaches a target, please come and ask us what their next steps are.Children who have support both at home and school can make super progress and all the Foundation staff will be happy to chat about the targets, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

We would like to thank all the parents/carers/grandparents that came to the Bonfire Maths Stay & Play and Workshop. We appreciate your feedback and we would like you to comment on the Bonfire Night Foundation Blog. Thank you in advance

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*Can anyone help with our cooking session on a Tuesday morning?

Babies, Taste and Hearing