I'm going to tell you two ways to make slime.

1.Get some water,food colouring,corn starch,a spoon or spatula and some glitter.First,you need to put the water and corn starch in a

bowl and mix it together with a spoon or spatula.Then,put some glitter and two or three drops of food colouring of your choice.

Finaly,get your mixture and need it until you have a ball of slime!!!

2.Get some blue tack,water,shampoo,handcream and a little bowl.

First,you need to fill the bowl about half way with water.Then,get

a lump of blue tack and put it in the bowl.Next,strech the blue tack

so that it's bigger.Now,put a dollip of shampoo in the middle

of the blue

tack and rub it in with handcream. And now you some more slime!!!!!!