Tess and I strolled to the old, collapsed skyscraper, which had now been boarded up and vandalised over the years.

"I heard that the fence around it had been tampered with at the back. We should be able to get in there" Tess claimed. I sighed heavily. Once again I had been dragged along on one of her little 'adventures'.

Tess pulled the squeaky wooden fence. "I told you so,"she whispered. "Yes" I blurted, a little too loud. She rolled her eyes in a sarcastic manner. "So, what do you think? Huh?" I wriggled through the fence, eventually looking up.

"Whoa" I exclaimed. "Yeah, 'whoa', pretty cool hmm? C'mon, we should be able to get to the top... we'll be able to get a good view then!" Tess clambered up the rusty stairs. "Are you sure this is safe? If mum found out she would kill me!"

Both of us strutted up the stairs; the fragile, crystallised stairs; the stairs that looked like they it could collapse any second. Tess peered at me from in-front. I could feel my heart thudding against the thick fury coat of my body.

"Are you okay?" Tess asked.

'No, of course I'm not okay, I'm climbing up a thirty story building at 1'o' clock in the morning with by best friend - Tess.' I thought, but instead I hesitated and replied with a satisfying, yes. Tess flashed me a look. I tried to scan her face for clues of her expression, but before I could, I was seeing the back of her again.

Nearing the top, my heels started digging into the back of my shoe. CRACK! "Stop" Tess exclaimed. I over looked her shoulder The sky illuminated, the moonlight dazzled through the corners of the hatch. This was not a time to stand and stare; it was a time to run; but I couldn't run; Tess couldn't move. Her eyes glistened as she suddenly fell through the staircase.

The hospital was sad. Miserable. Nobody liked it there, after all, it was to look after the ill.I managed to sneak out of the house without mum knowing, crawl through the landing, pace down the stairs, and managed to quickly get dressed into a skirt and skimpy t-shirt.; which now I think isn't very appropriate for a bitterly cold winter night. I registered at the counter, implying that I was a part of Tess' family. I entered the long and drawing hallway, filled with nurses and doctors and sick patients . I peeked at the coloured slip of paper the receptionist handed me. 'Room 275. Bed 3'. I skipped into room 275. "Bed 3, bed 3, Tess!" "SHH" A nurse silenced. I pulled the silk curtain around the metal. Tess was sleeping.

I sat on the raven coloured leather chair. Looking around, I felt a strange sensation. I began to sink, out of the world. My vision blurred, my head pounding, and Tess. Panicking, I frantically tried to grab the arm of the chair. Even though it was right by me, it was out of reach.

I was awoken by a peaceful sounding voice - most likely a doctor talking. I finally gathered the courage to open my eyes. I was expecting to open my eyes to Tess, reading maybe, or enjoying a cup of tea... but she wasn't there; mum was there instead. Gasping, I stared at her, wide mouthed. Why was mum there? Where was Tess? What am I doing here? Multiple questions raced through my mind. Yet, Mum wasn't alone. With her was a beautiful baby girl with bright blue eyes and gleaming blonde hair. I watched the infant fiddle and fidget in an itchy towel, presumably from the hospital. I propelled myself up of the same chair, reaching into my pocket. 'Room 275. Bed 3'. I slowly moved closer to the child. I steadily neared the baby, weary of waking her up. She looked familiar, as if I had seen her before. I shook my head. 'No, I'm wrong' I thought. I softly stroked the toddlers cheek. But I didn't. My hand dipped through the girls head. My blue eyes glistened, my mouth dropped. I glanced up at mum. She was as happy as ever. "I love you" she whispered to the baby girl. 'How could s-she?'. My view spun, my head whirred, my heart thud. I was once again entering another world, another time, another dimension..

I clambered up, with complete fear in my eyes. "TESS!" I screamed. "Gwyn? Are you okay?" Breathing like a dog after a long run, I stared at her - Tess. "Me" I mumbled. "That was me. That was real."