what could go wrong before christmas......

1.Santa and his elves could get discovered and have to go and hide for a whole year and have to miss Christmas.

2.Santa could get Santa napped by one of those people who hate Christmas or really really naughty boys from a young age.

3. Somebody could get Santos toys and run away with them whilst wearing Santa's clothes.

now I'm going to write a short comedy story of Christmas at the north pole;

One normal day at the north pole, all the elves were packing all the presents,but all of a sudden there was a strange rumbling sound but no one checked it out so they just left it and carried on packing, but it happened again but from the top floor.One of the elf called Benny cried"wwwwwwhat wwaas ththththaaat".The manager elf came and heard crying, the manger stormed out of his office to see what little pity what was Benny was crying about.Just before the manager could take a step one more, the strange rumbling had happen again everyone jumped there was complete silence."I'm going to check it out don't move, Max, Troy and Pete come with me" they replied "yes sir," in a grumpy voice.As they stumbled up the stairs it became louder and louder."I'ts coming from Santa room"whispered Pete "I know mate" replied troy. Pete went in allowing the door to creak open, as they all peaked in, they all sighed in relief "I'ts just santa".