Outside, the wind whipped the snow across the roads.  Already you could barely see anything.  It was too cold to be out.  The snowstorm blindfolded the town, muffling the world in white silence.

Inside the warehouse, it was quite dark.  Years of dust had covered the windows with a thin layer and only a faint light filtered through.  Each footstep echoed, leaving behind a trail of footprints through the dust.  Boxes of different sizes were piled high, like strange towers.  Cobwebs hung between the boxes like lace nets.  An abandoned ladder lay at an awkward  angle across what looked like an old television set.  Its wires spilled out.  Max stood still for a moment and let his breathing settle.

It was then that he heard it.  The faintest of sounds – a floorboard creaked.  Then, another.  He stood quite still, his senses alert, straining to listen.  For a long while it was quite quiet – only the distant murmurings of the wind drifting snow.  Then somebody coughed …

Your setting description:

Outside, the wind howled like a pack of wolfs hungry for food. The thick ice-cold snow covered the grass for thousands upon thousands of miles. I had only been walking for about 15 minutes but I already had frostbite in numerous places. CRUNCH!, CRUNCH! I trudged through the deep layers of snow, my foot rising then sinking, rising then sinking. My socks were soaked from the melted ice that had fallen into my frozen boot. teeth chattering, I slowly trudged on, shivering every time a small freezing ball of snow landed on me."Just a little longer then you can rest and have a nice warm bath" I kept telling myself every 5 or so minutes.

In the snow was a In the white snow was a footprint and another and another; he started to follow them, until he came to a old, barely standing warehouse. Inside the run down warehouse, it was dark dusty and cobwebs hung from the ceiling. with each footstep he took the floorboard creaked. Then he saw boxes hundreds of boxes stacked like lego bricks to the ceiling. There was an old TV lying on it's side the tv was strangely plugged into the wall socket.

Just there just then he heard a sound- the floorboard creaking. it creaked again. then he heard another sound a different sound, a familiar sound, someone coughing....