Write a letter to your friend to invite him or her to spend time with you. In your

letter write about what you are planning to do on the day where you are going to go

and what you are going to do together and why.

Krista Galea

11 palm street


Eng 1156

18 th June 2014

Dear Emma,

I hope you and your family feel good are well! I hadve a the pleasure to invite you to spend a day with me.

I am would like to invite you to my house next Sunday if you can.

I am planning so many things to do on that day. I already bought some board games

so we can play with them together with them. First, in the morning, we can backe cupcakes (continue sentence here)

and decorate them. Then I plan to visit our capital city Valletta and visit our upper

Barrakka garden. It is so interesting to visit and it hads a beautiful scene of our grand harbour.

After wKrista in home (could not understand this) and play with the board games and do some crafts as well. I have so

much toys and dolls to play with them. I would love if you accept my invitation because I haven't (continue sentence here)

Saw seen you for a long time. and I love to am feelsing excited to spend the day with you!

Thanks,love (or Yours sincerely)