Ok, so we all know about the J2e5 glitch that happens and you can't move up or down and you can't save because it won't like you type but I have found out the cause. If you continue reading you will find out.

The J2e5 Glitch.

The cause:

I am sure that everyone knows how to animate your titles and sentences; the animation interferes with the system not letting you to be able to move down/up and actually save your work. I have tested this glitch with the rainbow animation and I assure your this is the case of it all. I have not tested it with any other animation but I predict it is the same.

How I found the case:

Well, I began to start a poster with vibrant colours so I animated the title straight away. I went down to the animate option and made the title go rainbow. Soon after, I went to go down the page and it started glitching back up to the top, I then remembered to trouble we had with this at school and had to let the teachers know. So here I am writing to let you know.

This (I believe) is the cause of the glitch and may be fixed in the future but for now be careful when animating your words.