This week was the first week that Year 5 learnt about Microsociety ! It was really fun. In our first lesson we listened to the story of planet Justenuf. It was about a planet who was run by a really powerful AI. It supplied them all with 2 different flavours of nutri bags, 1. Smoked salmon 2. Strawberry trifle. As the story carried on we learnt that people can be selfish. We learnt this as people tried to use their advantages on the planet so they could gain the most nutri bags. They had to deal with scarcity this means insufficiency.

We had two tasks the first we had to make shapes for points we also figured out that we could trade objects. We also figured out paper counters didn't count only real ones did! Then we designed our class flags and our class name it's ... Sharganda! I think our money should be Sharbucks.

This is the end of my blog!

Sharganda forever!