Spring 1 Homework

Topic Homework Options:

• Look at photos of the different archipelago islands that Charles Darwin visited. Design and draw your own archipelago island.

• Make a fact file about different fossil types.

• Create a true or false quiz about Charles Darwin and his scientific expedition on

HMS Beagle.

• Explain how animals such as polar bears, monkeys and sharks have evolved to suit

their environment. Design a new fantastical creature that has evolved to suit its

unique environment.

• Create your own Darwin’s Delight word search using words you have learnt during

the project. Challenge a grown up to solve your puzzle.

• Research HMS Beagle and make a fact-filled poster to display the information you

find about the ship.

• Find out more about other famous scientists who had an interest in evolution and

inheritance, such as Alfred Wallace or Mary Anning.

• Imagine you are the young scientist, Charles Darwin, out on his scientific

expedition on HMS Beagle. Write an extract from his journal that describes part

of the journey. It could be the start of the voyage, arriving at one of the islands, or

discovering different animal species.

• What can you discover about Lonesome George, the last giant Pinta Island tortoise? Research conservation charities such as the World Wildlife Fund, to learn about current endangered species.

• Visit the Great Plant Hunt website and be a plant detective – just like Charles Darwin!

Remember these are options. Choose 1 or more and email to me on the week commencing 8/2/2020

Our new topic is...

Darwin's Delights