World War 2

The London Blitz

In the first half-term we researched World War 2; We watched a film about life in London during the blitz and looked at a map of where the bombs fell in London and we found out that Laycock street was not bombed but many of the streets around Islington were.

This half-term we have been using minecraft to learn about how it felt to be in the London blitz in 1940.we had to make a London street but i got sad to think how soon all the building will be destroyed but i imagined how it must feel in real life. we all worked as a team to make the safest London street ever.Then wwii started.

I felt exited but i am sure in real wwII people would of felt scared.when we heard sirens we had to take cover. i really enjoyed acting it out but i never wanted there to be a world war 3 .