Film Club's Next Film Week Beginning 06.10.14

Film Club's next film to be shown is 'Addams Family Values'

see below for a review:

Sometimes, you have to look a little closer to find out how a family really works. Take the Addams Family - on the surface, they're a collection of ghouls and oddballs who would probably scare you witless if you were ever to find yourself visiting their rambling mansion. There's Wednesday and Pugsley the two spooky children, the equally creepy Grandma, terrifying Uncle Fester, dad Gomez and mum Morticia - oh, and Cousin It, who the less we say about the better. All of them are enough to chill your blood - but in fact, they're a loving and big-hearted bunch, as is proven in this great gothic comedy adapted from a much-loved television series, which follows the first 1991 Addams Family movie.

Rated PG (7+ by Film Club)

Genre:Horror - Comedy

Directed By:Barry Sonnenfeld Written By:Charles Addams , Paul Rudnick

Runtime:1 hr. 34 min.