Eva: Good afternoon and welcome to Penhaligon’s healthy assembly.

Maddie:This half-term our topic is called ‘What I Need To Be Me’.

Demi-Leigh:The topic has included looking at the life cycle of a butterfly in science,mixing colours in art and special books in Religious Education.

Maisy:The main focus of this topic has beenabout Keeping Healthy.

Leia:Today we would like to share with youwhat we have learned so far about healthy eating and exercise.

Freya:One way of remembering what to do to keep healthy is look at the FoodGuide Pyramid.

Will- Narrator 1:We have learned that tostay fit and healthy we all need to eat a balanced and varied diet.

Paolo - Narrator 2: Hang on, what is a balanced diet?

Isit a packet of crisps in each hand?Oran apple in each hand?Or a fast foodburger in each hand?

Will, Adam and Luke -Narrator 1:No it’s not.

Paolo- Narrator 2:If I eat the same amount of white chocolate and dark chocolate isthat a balanced diet?

Will,Adam and Luke- Narrator 1:No, it’s not.

Paolo- Narrator 2:OK then what is a balanced diet?

Rap:chn to do a rap about it.- Superfoodalicious

Paolo: That was fun but a bit too quick forme to understand.

Luke:Noproblem let’s look at the food guide pyramid to help us understand:

Seb: Foods can be divided into thefollowing types or groups on the pyramid:

Food pyramid children: (2 children carry ablank food pyramid on stage)

Bear: This is the food guide pyramid.It’s called that because it’s only aguide.It suggests what we should do tostay healthy.

(1 child carries on an orange triangle andpastes it onto the board)

Reuben Carb Child 1: Carbohydratesor grains: are shown by a thick orange triangularband.These include potatoes, breads,noodles, cereals and other starchy foods.

This means we need toeat lots of whole grain foods everyday.

Bill-Carb child 2: Carbohydratesgive us energy and so act like fuel or petrol for our bodies.

(WHOLEGRAIN sign is carried across the stage)

Theshape is a triangle because it shows that at least half of your grains orcarbohydrates (represented by the base of the triangle) should be wholegrain.

Natalie-Vegetables child: Vegetables are shown by a green triangle.

(VARYYOUR VEGETABLES sign is carried across the stage)We should VARY OUR VEGETABLES. Vegetablesgive our bodies vitamins, nutrients and fiber.

Taylor-FruitChild: Fruitsare shown by a red triangle.Eat avariety of fruits such as oranges, bananas, grapes or whatever fruit youlove.Fruits give us vitamins and fibretoo.Fruits also come frozen or canned.

Seb-Remember to rather eat more fresh fruit than drink sugary fruit juices!Always choose fruit juices without addedsugar!

Delia-In literacy we wrote persuasive letters to our local Co-op asking them todonate fruit for our healthy living topic. They kindly obliged and we have avoucher to spend. We will design, make and evaluate our smoothies next week.

Abi-Last week we had a trip down to Perranporth to look at different menu designs. Wewere also lucky enough to have some tasters at the Ice Box thanks to the managerLee.

Bradley-Milkman: Dairyor milk products are shown by a blue triangle.They include all calcium rich products made from milk like yogurt andcheese. Calcium is good for our bones and teeth.

Ava(cow): Remember to choose low fat milk products with little or no addedsugar.Butter and cream is no longerincluded in this group as it is not rich in calcium.

Dexter:If you cannot have milk products because you are allergic, you can choose otherfoods rich in calcium such as soy products.

Louise:Protein Child: Meat and beans or proteins shown by a purpletriangle.These include meat, fish,eggs, poultry, beans, lentils and other nuts and seeds.

Ben:Remember it is better to GO LEAN ON PROTEIN.(Sign is carried across the stage) That means eat meat with less fat onit. It’s always better to order baked, grilled or boiled meats rather thanfried food.

Saxon:Proteins help us to grow and are important for repair.That means they help our bodies heal when weare hurt.

Nyah-Sugarchild: Fats,sugars and oils shown by a thin yellow triangle.Choose a little of these everyday.Remember we still need some oils and fat inour diet to keep us healthy.But someare better than others.

We need some fats for energy too. We caneat 5 teaspoons a day in total.

Paolo: So does that mean we shouldn’t eat sweetsor chocolate? What about ice cream?

Will: No, no, no. It is something that shouldbe a treat, maybe once a week.

Song:Ice Cream Once in a While

Lila-Exercise child:Thereare also steps on the side of the pyramid to remind us to exerciseeveryday.We need at least 30 minutes ofexercise everyday.

Aj:Penhaligon suggests skipping, swimming, running, playing ball games andkarate.There are many forms ofexercise.You can choose your favourite.Here are some of Penhaligon Class’sfavourites ; Children to jump up and do amini-demonstration with a brief explanation of what they do.

Adam:And now some our staff’s favourites: (show slides)

Ava: Thereare many clubs that you can join at school that helping you

exerciseto be healthy: Just this term we have six sports clubs: (Show

timetable on slide). Overthe past year we have increased the amount of

clubsavailable to all children. (Slide forscatter ball, dodgeball, KS1

gymnastics). So if you haven’tsigned up to any, sign up.

Paolo- Narrator 2:Now I understand.So to eata balanced diet we need to eat foods from all

thedifferent colour triangles everyday and we need to choose healthier foods fromeach triangle.Our diet must be balancedand varied and we must exercise everyday.

Will- Narrator 1:That’sright.

We’ll be eating carbohydrateseveryday.(x2)

We’ll eat whole grains rice and potatoes

Cereal, pasta and bagels

We’ll have so much energy to play.

Singing,we’ll choose healthy food today (x2)

Singing,we’ll eat healthy (x2)

We’llkeep healthy always

Yeswe will!

We’llbe eating fruit and veggies everyday.(x2)

Welike apples and bananas,

Spinach,beans and guavas

Welike lots of fiber everyday.

We’llbe eating milk products everyday

We’llbe getting calcium each day

Welike low fat milk and yoghurt,

soyabeans and yakult

Welike lots of calcium each day!

We like eating proteins everyday (x2)

We can choose meat, fish and beans

chicken, nuts or seeds

We eat these to grow in every way.

We choose less added sugar everyday

We choose very little fat and salt eachday.

We limit sweets and Fanta

Fast food, and Creme Soda.

We make healthy choices everyday.

Singing, living balanced is our way

We limit television everyday

We play less Nintendo

We’d rather do Tai Kwondo

We love to exercise each day.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Singing, we’ll choosehealthy food today (x2)

Singing, we’ll eat healthy (x2)

We’ll keep healthy always

Yes we will!

Clara (prayer):

Dear God

Thank you for all of the wonderful healthyfood we have to eat. Thank you for all of the fantastic sports clubs our schoolhas to offer.