Year 5 Curriculum Information Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to Year 5

Autumn Term 2018

We hope you find this information useful.

Things to share at home

Learning Log homework will be set on Thursdays and should be in school by the following Tuesday, ready to share. Each piece of work will link with what is being taught in class and will be designed so the child can use their own ideas and skills to complete it.

New spellings will normally be set on Monday and tested on the following Tuesday.

We expect the children to learn their spellings independently at home, but please support them by checking their understanding of new words and testing them. A list of the spellings to learn and write out will be in each child’s Red Home Spelling Book.

The children will be expected to read a reading book at the appropriate level for them each week at home and to answer comprehension questions in their blue Reading Homework books. We would ask you to encourage your child to read every day and support them where possible to answer the questions in a detailed manner. Please sign your child’s Orange reading diary to show they have completed the task set.

Reading Homework should be handed in on Monday and will be given out on Wednesday.

Book bags, reading books, plimsolls, PE kits and water bottles should be in school every day. PE lessons will take place on a Wednesday morning.

Parents’ group will be on a Thursday morning from 8.45 until 9.00am prompt.

Things that will be taught at school

Our main Creative Learning Journey theme for this term will be World War 2 and life on the Home Front. We compare the lives of children then,with our lives today and discuss the similarities and differences. We will also look at local links to the topic, including a visit to Beaumanor Hall which was a Secret Listening Post during the war. This will include a wide variety of tasks and activities including:

History/ Geography:

· Atlas skills locating and identifying countries that were involvedin WW2.

· Timeline of WW2.

· Causes- Why it happened?

· Research into Evacuation.

· Finding out about the Blitz

· Investigating artefacts

Art / D&T:

· We will be learning about a famous artist and creating art work around the themes of the Blitz and Remembrance using a range of media.

· Children will be using their craft skills using different media toconstruct models and artefacts from WW2.

In addition, the following will be taught:


· Singing sessions

· Visit to a Virtual Orchestra Installation

French, ICT, RE, PSED and Citizenship


At the start of the school year activities will be based on the story The Balaclava Boys by George Layton. Story is based on facing dilemmas and making choices and. We will also be doing a novel study“Friend and Foe” set in WW2. Our English this term will be linked to our History topic. It will also focus on improving writing and reading,speaking and listening skills.

We will work as a class, in groups and by ourselves. Our writtenwork will include poems, descriptions, stories, information pages, letters andexplanations.


The initial focus will be on place value and calculation skills.Lessons will include looking at mental and formal written methods for additionand subtraction, understanding the relationship between multiplication anddivision and an understanding of how to use these skills to solve problems thatchildren understand. We will then move on to learning about decimals, fractionsand percentages. The children will also be challenged to use their maths skillsfor investigative tasks.

In Year 5 children should be increasingly confident in their times/division tables knowledge and be able to recall them randomly and speedily. Please continue to work with your child on this area of their maths.


In Science, children will be learningabout the Properties and Changes of materials.

Children will compare, and group together everyday materialsbased on their properties, including their hardness, solubility, transparency,conductivity (electrical and thermal) and response to magnets.

They will know that some materials will dissolve in liquidto form a solution and describe how to recover a substance from a solution.

They will also use knowledge of solids, liquids and gases todecide how mixtures might be separated, including through filtering, sievingand evaporating.

They will plan and carry out fair testing. Give reasons,based on evidence from comparative fair tests and learn about reversible and irreversible changes.

How can you help?

Talk to your child every night about what they did in school that day.

Praise your child for all the things they have done well.

If you have any special skills or resources that might help the children, please share them with us. Your child’s progress will be shared at Parents’ Evenings, but in the meantime if you want to know more please don’t hesitate to approach one of us at the end of the school day or contact the school office.

We look forward to an exciting year and thank you for your continued support.

The Year 5 Team Mrs Pilgrim, Mrs Valand, Mrs Dhami, Mrs Hussain, Mrs Bham and Mrs Karavadra