Do you like our sign? The wonderful Mrs Davies designed it for us.

School staff have been in school today working hard to get our school ready for Year 6 to return on the 1st of June. I don't think I've ever seen a skip fill up so quickly.

  • Mr Walker did a great job sorting the PE cupboard and making up playtime boxes for each Bubble
  • Mrs Morris loved sorting through all the books in the Y3 practical area
  • Mrs Davies and Mrs Willis have been making some markings out along the corridor
  • Mrs Archer and Mrs Steel have been making up new stationary packs for each one of you 
  • and your class teacher has been arranging furniture in your class.

School is looking spick and span. When you return, it might look a little bit different but it will still have the same 'feel' which makes our school so special.

Take care, have a happy half-term and I hope I get to see you soon.

Miss T x