Microsociety Blog 9 - Taxes!

Who pays: We discussed who should pay taxes in our societies? We decided everyone should because we are all part of Peakzania.

Notenuf - Who pays: In the next part of 'notenuf' they were all fighting over who should pay their taxes and how much the new elected officials should be payed and they were all arguing! What will they do?

Tax system in England is quite complicated. The over 18's pay council tax, income tax, corporation tax, pensioners tax and a lot more.

Benefits: Benefits are when the government, give people who work under a amount of hours, a week, money every week to spend on food and rent and other essentials.

General Election: On Friday we had a general election. The rules were you vote for all of the government or not. Trading has to stop until a new government is elected. 26/30 (86.7% roughly.) of the class voted to keep us in! So I am still Deputy Prime Minister.