The super Iron Man

In the scrapyard where the Iron Man lived, a tall, thin man came and put a flier on the fence.When the man left,the Iron Man woke up. He looked around and almost immediately saw the flier. It read “Superhero Tryouts! Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Well this is your chance!Where: The roof of Frankenstein house. When: 4:00-5:00 Tuesday Why: To defeat bad guys. The team is called Peace Makers! If you want to be a superhero sign up here!” As the Iron Man read it, grown ups wrote their names down. So did the Iron Man because he wanted to be a superhero to.

On Tuesday, all the competitors came and climbed Frankenstein house but our gigantic, metal friend just hoisted up a leg and hoisted up the other. The Peace Makers leader was impressed and told everyone to sit down. “Welcome to the Peace Makers Tryouts! Show me why you want to be a superhero and what you can do! First up was the bulky ,metal Iron Man. He said “My name is Iron Man. I am metal and have heat resistance.I,as you might have a newspaper, has defeated the Space Bat Angel Dragon who came to Earth last Summer. I would like to be part of the Peace Makers because I want to continue saving the world.” Everyone was shocked. Then all the other grown ups did the tryouts. Then the leader said “I will choose only five people to be part of the team. They are.... Princess Adores, Little Muffin,Triceratops, Colorado Biz and Iron Man!” Everyone clapped even the ones who did not go in the team.