Please find the link for our Autumn Term Curriculum information in Year 3.

Curriculum information – Year 3

Autumn Term Topics

Topic –The Stone Age.

In this topic we will be linking all curriculum subjects.In art we will be cave painting, in science we will be learning about different rocks and soils and in history we will be comparing and contrasting our life in 2019 with the life of Stone Age people.In October we will be visiting Creswell Crags to see how Stone Age people really lived.


First we will be finding out about eSafety then we will be using TTRockstars online. We will be using various apps to make simple videos about ourselves.


We will be learning about rocks, soils and fossils.


Year 3 will also be working to develop their fitness skills on a Monday afternoon and complete PE activities on a Friday afternoon with Mr Arnold.


After the success of last year, we will be taking part in The Linking Network Project. We have been linked with a primary school in the county.We will be writing to them, sharing our work and meeting up with them via zoom or skype.


We will be learning about:

How different faiths welcome a baby into the world.

The festival of Christmas.