Doctor Who

One of my favourite things is doctor who.It is aTV series about a Time Lord(species of alien)called the Doctor who can travel through time,regenerate and fight aliens,including his arch-nemesis,the Daleks.His best enemy in my opinion, is the Weeping Angels,statues that only move when they aren't seen(very scary)and send you back in time witn a single single touch.Other scary aliens are the Empty child,gas-masked zombies reciting the line:are you my mummy? the Vashta Nerada,flesh stripping alien piranhas,the mummy on the orient express,an egyptian mummy that kills you 99 seconds after you see it,and the silence,an alien that is erased from your memory when you can't see it.

weeping angel (blink)

vashta nerada

empty child

the silence(impossible astronaut)

(silence in the the library)

mummy on the orient express

If you have no idea what to do at home,I recommend these brilliant episodes.But whatever you do,don't blink!