Sam Galea

12,Soil Street


25th June 2019.

Dear Luca,

Hi Luca how are you?Hope you are fine.I knew you didn't came because of your

broken leg. I knew you feeling better now. But my pleasure was to invited you to

my birthday party . I am writing you this letter to tell you shortly about what

happened. First I took a shower and chose a nice outfit .My mum and dad

decorated the living room and add another sofa so my friends can stayed

comfortable. After my friends started to arrived and they gave me nice presents.

My mum brought me a magician. How intelligent it was. After we played some

music around and I had an idea to sang karaoke. It was the time to shared my

cake. Everyone wished me and sang me happy birthday. After my friends began

to leave the house. It was such a lovely and memorable party .I am very sorry and

sad that you can't came. I am sure you will had fun if you came. Hope to see you