My favourite game Minecraft!

Minecraft is my hobby because.Its really satisfying when you go down to

get diamonds because its like when you get 500 diamonds then you get

out of the ground and your in the middle of nowhere.Then your 100

miles away from your house. But when

you battle mobs i kill them with my fists in the dark. but

the best tactic is when you dig a hole in the dark and exit and save

then when you log back in 10 hours later in the morning.

But the thing I always play on Minecraft is survival mode. So the main thing to do is make a house and get food. And I got some top tips to if you see a skeleton don't just go up there and say hello with your fist. You can at least get wood and craft a wooden sword or better. With enchantment diamond sword that way you can one tap the skeleton. Or when I'm bored I build. Or this. I AM SO NOT ADDICTED! (I kind of am)