For the challenge this week we ask that you talk to your child about the many different kinds of puppets and look at some pictures together. Your child will then need to make a puppet of their choice and bring this in on Monday. This could be a finger puppet, a stick puppet, a hand or a sock puppet the choice is yours. During the week your child will make an accessory for the puppet they have made at home. If you have any material that your child would like to use to make their puppet accessory with, (such as felt for a hat or bag or sparkly material for a scarf) please send that in also, in a bag clearly labelled with their name.

For health and hygiene reasons please do not send in any puppets made with egg boxes, toilet rolls or packaging that has had any nuts or nut traces in.

The week will begin with a short clip from ‘Pinocchio’. We will look at and explore a range of puppets with time for the children to develop their own characters and stories. In addition to making their own puppet accessory the children will have many opportunities to be creative and make puppets using different 2D and 3D materials. In cooking this week the children will be making a healthy ‘Pizza Puppet Face’. We look forward to showing you how much fun the children have as well as their wonderful creations on theFoundation Learning Page.