Celebrations and Stars!

1 2.12.16 By Noah Hamilton

Here are our stars this week!


St. Piran





Other Celebrations...


Diamond Ticket


~~This weeks winner:~~


Yr R 184

1 201

2 232!!!!!!

3 180

4 185

5 205

6 189


* Show good manners at all times

* Take care of everyone and everything

* Follow instructions with thought and care


BLP Colours...

RED= Resilience

GREEN= Resourceful

BLUE= Reflective

ORANGE= Reciprocal


Yr 5 with 98.6%!

Well done everyone!


Aiden for being resilient- and engaging!

Reader: Gida!

If there is a reader of the week, it is in pink.

Adam for reflectiveness in literacy targets!!

Dexter for resilience in maths!!

Reader: Seb, Paulo and Reuben for book reviews!

Connor for improved resilience- & behaviour!!

Evelyn for being reflective!

Mecki for great 99 club learning!

Abbie and Gwen for excellent Ally Ant reciprocity in maths!

Luc for helping others!

Lucy for not giving up- on some very hard challenges!

Felix (Reflective) and Lucy (engaged in phonics!)!

Reader: Grace!

Nearly Christmas...

It's nearly Christmas! December has come and its time to get festive again! In school this week classes have made decorations, created products for the fair, and had lots more fun tasks! Merry Christmas everyone!

- Noah Hamilton

Celebrations and Stars editor/publisher

Demi- Lee

,Yr 2

Here are our stars this week!

Toby & Sasha for excellent maths!

Harlyn for fantastic guided reading!

Well done to all the Mathematicians and 99 c clubbers this week! >Well done to Cornwall School games athletes!!!

> Well done to Cara for athletics!