Well we are half way through the school year and what a busy time we have had! Terrific Tales, Superheroes, Dragons and now aliens have invaded!!!!

The children will be working with us after half term to plan the topic in detail but we will be indoors and outdoors learning about.......

*How to make our alien visitor feel at home- what do they need, how do they act, how do we build and appreciate friendships, acknowledging that even though we are different in some ways we are the same

*Light and dark, learning about the sun and shadows, the moon and stars

*Using our topic to help us write poems and stories

*Significant events in Space travel, famous people who have visited space including Welsh astronauts

*Our Solar System- learning about the planets, creating an infographic report based on our learning experiences



*Thinking about how we can look after our world, appreciating what makes our world special

*Speaking/reading and writing in the 3rd person in Welsh

* Being creative with paint and pastels looking at the work of Van Gough

* Applying mathematical skills across a range of contexts including worded problems

*Continuing to develop our understanding of place value, time, money and fractions

*Celebrating the Easter story before the Easter break

Reading week will take part during the week beginning 11th March so that it doesn't fall on the same week as our St David's Day celebrations. During the week we will be visiting Morriston Library, Visiting other classes to read with them and of course dressing up as our favourite book character. THE BOOK FAIR WILL BE VISITING SCHOOL THE WEEK BEGINNING 4TH MARCH- PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE LOVELY SELECTION OF BOOKS ON SALE. ALL SALES WILL HELP THE SCHOOL'S COMMISSION EARNED WHICH WILL IN TURN LEAD TO MORE BOOKS BEING PURCHASED FOR YOUR CHILDREN.


We shall be continuing to provide a homework 'menu' for your and your child to work together on at home. Their main project to be completed by the last week of term (week beginning 8th April) will be to create a model planet or model Solar System.

National Tests

National tests in Reading and Maths for Year 2 children will be taking place from 7th-14th May. In the weeks before hand we shall be supporting your children by looking at past test papers so that they become familiar with layout and types of questions.


As always we shall be assessing the children's speaking and listening skills when presenting their homework projects to an audience. Please can you help prepare your child for this by rehearsing what they would like to say at home.

Thank you for continuing to support your child's learning experiences through your contributions of Friday Fund Friday Fund. Your weekly donations of £1 help us hugely by contributing towards cookery/art activities.

We have weekly deliveries of fruit to the school for the children to buy if they wish for a playtime snack. The cost is 25p per day.

Mrs Stevens, Mrs Brooks, & Mrs Norris

Dosbarth Rockets Spring Term 2 Newsletter

Alien Invasion!