Microsociety- Week 2

This blog is about Microsociety but Week 2, how exciting. So well we firstly discussed about currency of the world. So we can do our own currency. Whereas we had a vote but dont know who had won. Well we had a sheet of objects and such as shells, gold, a cow, diamonds and coins. And then we put in order of useful to non- useful.

After that we had sets of monopoly to see of how a proper life is like with pay tax, earning money and buying things. Its a great time to know of life and society. Monopoly was great, unfortunately I had to go to jail, but I payed money so i wouldnt be bored and stands about in world at plain SPACE!!!

If you remembered on my last blog on Microsociety I put we did a vote of the flags. I was panicing with fear. When we did lose, luckily Haya and her group won. In trust I actually loved their flag it was about friendship. When I actually voted for them.

Finally, on my last paragraph of Week 2 is actually a trip to do with Microsociety. It was Lavender Hill Magistrates Court. It wasnt a serious court as Crown Court which was for mainly for murder. What we did is that we were in proper court and crime had happened. It was the crime of somebody smashed a car,s window and got its car and navigation called Dennis Lightfinger ( the thief of crime...)