Ohbot Peaky's message to Earth

''Greetings earth, my name is Ohbot Peaky I must warn you that an ASTORIOD is heading towords this planet!!! one of my freinds saw it in owter space so get away from this area and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! go to the contry side and I will come to the contry side and I will tell you when it is safe I will use my meteor sorry astoriod detecter to see how many minits and hours you have to run''.''Hmmm aparantly it says you have 1:46 minits to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE'' 1:46 minits later CRASH PMHNJHHHNGHXFGGCSJNHDJDVGRNCVFJDVGNFVHHDDVKDGNUDVYS at the contry side citizen ''I think I heard it crash''.(Ohbot peaky comes out of nowhere) ''I have Good news and Bad news''.''The good news is you can go back to your town city whatever it is you can go back''.''The Bad news is the met-sorry Astoroid is stuck in place.... so it is going to take approxumutly 1 year and 4 weeks to somehow remove it unfortunutly so yeah''. Citizen ''What about the diffrent types of force''? Ohbot ''I suppose we can try''. (At the villege) *Groaning* Evreyone'' IT WORKED!!'' Ohbot ''Was I the only one who was aming it at the ocean''? BAM!! BAM!! SMASH! Evreyone ''we have a    HUGE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!''

''well if 120/120 instead of 1/120 aimed at the ocean this woulden't happend''. ''Well at least world war 3 hasent started'' . . ''#City is a pile of rubble'' . . Ohbot ''Well at least this can't get worse.......eee BOOM!!! U n BOOM BOOM BOOM (What Ohbot wants to say) (Ohbot wants to sware seriosly) Ohbot ''




(5 hours l8er) Narator''This is whats left of the town city village whatever it is > . END . . HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!!!!! n

By Donovan Mark Spencer