Myself, Sight & Touch

The children have had a super week! We have had a lot of discussion about our 5 senses and how our brain uses the information from our senses to make sense of the world. We played a game where we had lots of different resources under a blanket, we then had to use our sense of touch and describe what we felt. We then had a peak and see if we and using our sense of sight we described what we could see. We shared our baby photographs and discussed how we have all changed since we were a baby. The children have been learning about their bodies this week, so we have talked about ways to stay healthy. The children thought carefully and in a circle time talked about the fruit and vegetables that they like to eat, how they stay clean and what things make them happy. This week has also been Anti-Bullying Week, in Foundation 1 we talked about what this word means and what we need to do if this happens. We have loved seeing all the odd socks too!

Well done everybody!