Our choir has been invited to join a very exciting eTwinning project working with schools from Macedonia, France, Romania, China, Turkey, Mexico, Italy, Canada, Latvia, Tunisia, Spain, Serbia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Croatia, Ukraine, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand!

The project brings children from around the world together using Makaton sign language and music. As a school, we feel it is important to connect children with their global peers to break down barriers, develop children’s understanding of diversity and inclusion and use technology to make learning global rather than confined to the walls of the classroom.

Each month for the next six months, a song will be shared with the group and our school will be assigned one line to sing and sign. We will video the children doing this and send it to the project coordinator. She will then knit all of the recordings from all of the schools together and release the finished video at the end of the month.

Here is our song for January ... Mayflower appear very near the end of the song!