Over the summer and into the autumn term the governing body have restructured its commitees.

Until July 2016, there were 5 committees that focussed on specific aspects of work undertaken by the governing body. Through July, the work that these committees did was analysed and the decision was taken to re-organise the structure. The main aim of the reorganisation was to better distribute the responsibilities and work of the governing body across the commitees, thus making them more effective.

The new structure of the governing body comprises 4 committees:

The Strategy Committee (chaired by the chair of governors, Mr Keith Whittaker)

The Resources Committee (chaired by Mr Stan Proudfoot)

The Curriculum and Performance Committee (chaired by Dr Sarah Aldred)

The People and Buildings Committee (chaired by Mrs Debbie Smith)

Over the next few weeks, the governors blog will update you on the work that each of these committees has been undertaking this term