Climate and

seasonal change

Plant life

Animal life





Average temperature= -30.7-0.2

Average temperature= -67.6 - 32.1

Over 1700 species of plants have evolved to survive these cold conditions.

Very few plants can survive the harsh conditions hair grass and pearlwort are the only flowering plants.

There has been people living in the Arctic for thousands of years now and the population is now approximately 4 million people.

No human has ever permanently lived there, about 4000 scientists go to research bases there to study.



No permanent land just ice

Permanent land

The Arctic is made up of small villages, towns and cities and some have access to internet and satellite televisions.

There is up to 200 different species of birds, and many terrestrial mammals including polar bears and arctic wolves living in the Arctic.

No settlements

Penguins can live in the Antarctic and there is also a lot of marine animals that live there such as whales and seals.