Darkness Then Light

When the day began, Sammy and Shakahaka awoke from their sleep. Although, it was 7 O'clock. Too early for them. They were both so confused. They thought they saw a flash of light, then, darkness. They both told each other the same thing at the same time."Oh brother, you're awake? Yes but I woke up from a flash of light,but when I woke up, all i saw was darkness." So they both knew that it must of happened. They both knew that it wasn't the other person, because neither of them own a flash light or anything like that. So they both got off their beds and investigated, like they were secret detectives. Eventhough they weren't, they did a pretty good job. They smelt a nasty smell, and walked right away from it. However, Sammy realised that the smell wasn't there before they slept. So he ran back and shouted quietly,"Actually follow me he must be near the nasty smell. Just think about it, it wasn't there before we slept so it's most likely to come from there." "Ok" replied Shakahaka. On their way there they saw something, more like someone. There was a was a shadow of a person with fuzzy hair like hes been shocked peaking out of a room beaming with light. They both were as sure as they could ever be, that that was not their mum or dad.

To Be Continued