Year 2 Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

This term we will be covering the following curriculum areas:


Our science topic this half term is Animals including Humans.We will be learning about adult animals and their offspring, how to take care of animals and ourselves and the basic needs of different animals, including hygiene and a balanced diet.

In the second half term our topic will be Living Things and their Habitats. We will be learning about simple food chains, the habitats of different animals and plants and living and non-living things. We will link Design and Technology to this topic by making moving picture books using levers and sliders.


In Geography this term we will be learning about where we live, the United Kingdom, its four countries and their capital cities. We will be using lots of geographical vocabulary to understand different locations and where people live and work.


In History we will be learning about the Great Fire of London which took place in 1666, thinking about how the lives of people in the past were different from ours. This topic will be linked with our art work where we will be painting city silhouettes.


This term we will be learning about e-safety, illustrating and animation. The children will be mainly using apps on the i Pads to support this.


We will focus around one song: Hands, Feet, Heart. They will be learning about pulse, rhythm and pitch while listening to music and playing musical games.

The whole school will be celebrating European Day of Languages again, on Friday 30th September.