Happy Thursday Year 1!

I hope you've had a good week of learning so far!

Here are your instructions for the day. Make sure you have plenty of breaks to play and rest between the lessons and do it all in whatever order and whatever time you can!

First watch the video to see the timetable so you know what activities you're doing today.

Next watch Joe Wicks' PE video and get moving!

Now it's literacy time. Watch the video and write some sentences underneath the picture on your worksheet.

Time for Maths next. Watch the video and complete the worksheet in your pack. Here are the answers to yesterday's maths:  https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Y1-Autumn-Block-2-ANS18-Compare-statements-2.pdf 

Hurray it's Lunchtime! Enjoy!

Let's do some phonics next. Watch the video recapping all the sounds. Next watch the video looking at 'th'. Read along with me and you can also write the words down as we go along.

Time for reading now. Watch the video to remind yourself how to choose a book from oxfordowl.co.uk. You've now got lots more books to choose from and if you need help remembering your book band colour just send us an email. You have also got a reading comprehension in your pack to complete.

Finally it's time for Art! Watch the video and complete the activity, if you don't have spare paper please use the back of your worksheets.

We would love to see all your amazing work so please email it to feedbackyear1@allsoulsprimary.co.uk

Have a great day!

Mrs Leow-Clifford