Does anyone know how to make this bigger?

Microsociety is basically like you make a society[that is where the society comes from] with your class room [and that is where the micro bit comes in]

something like this

In a simulation you vote for a leader police officers a banker and a judge

then you create businesses for money I think

There is this story where there is a planet called JUST ENOUGH which its civillians had just enough of everything [obviously].One day the captin who i forgot his name had just seen a large crowd in front of his house. Everyone did not have enough strawberry trifles and chicken ribs [welp there goes the food and maybe some lives] what do you think the capatin must do.I think the captin must take all the food then set up Collection points.Leave your ideas below in the comments.

Also there is this shape game

YOUR MISSION: get as many points as possible

YOUR ENEMIES: Uhhhh the other tables

YOUR TEAM : Your table with one extra member

THE RULES: You can only us thing in your pack any other use of any other things your team is disqualified.

A 10 cm diameter circle is 10 points a 10 cm sided square is 5 points there also may be counters with 5 points

TIPS AND TRICKS: You can trade with other tables so they might not be your enemies the pack is also random: you might not have paper or pencils or scissors.

.Thats all for no byeeeeeeeeeeeeee