The Parent’s Guide to the Curriculum for Year 1 – Autumn Term 2015


This term we will begin to use Ruth Miskin Literacy (RML) Scheme. The children will be learning all the initial letter sounds, a-z, qu, sh, th, ch, ng, ck, ll, ff, ss and Vowel Sounds (phonemes) ay (may I play?), ee (what can you see?), igh (fly high), ow (blow the snow), oo (poo at the zoo), oo (look at a book), air (that’s not fair!), ir (whirl and twirl) , ou (shout it out!), oy (toy for a boy) . Thechildren will use these sounds to read and spell. We will also practise ourhandwriting, forming our lower case letters properly. We will read lots of different stories and answer questions about them with the whole class, in groups and by ourselves. We will begin to write simple sentences by ourselves.


We will be counting up to 20+ and finding missing numbers, practising how to read and write our numbers to 10, then 20+, counting objects and recording total sand partitioning teen numbers into tens and units. We will also be working with2d and 3d shapes and will be naming and describing them. We will be finding theheaviest and lightest objects by using scales and balances. We will be using all our maths knowledge and applying our skills to solve problems. I

Our Creative Learning Journey theme for this term is called My House and Myself.

All subjects are linked to this topic wherever possible.Sometimes different parts of different subjects are put together in one lesson to make the learning more interesting and relevant for the children.You mighthear your child talk about CLJ.Thisstands for Creative Learning Journey.The Creative Learning Journey enables teachers to plan lessons which arefully integrated and purposeful.Webelieve that the children will learn even more using this system but also thatthey will have a greater sense of enjoyment and achievement.

Within CLJ the children will be working on these areas:


We will be recognising and labelling body parts. We will find out about our five senses. We will be learning about different animals and their similarities and differences.


We will be using a variety of programmes and software, including word processing,to create celebration cards and posters.


We will find out about homes in our locality and around the world.We will begin to use simple maps and plans.We will also be thinking about daily weather and the seasons.