1. Beaumanor was a place for evacuees to keep safe from the horrible affects of war.

2.The evacuees would stay there and wait to get billeted

from local families

code breaking

3. During the war the Germans sent messages to each other to make sure we would not intercept.They put in a certain way a amount of beeps would add up into letters

those letters were put into a wheels that rotates. You would put the wheels at the letter and opposite would be another letter and the end you get a message.

4. A story from the war was when a woman was working and she thought that the thing she saw was BOMB NOTTINGHAM

the next day in the news she saw Leicester bombed

200 dead.

5. School was very serious if you

said that you were a German spy as a

joke it could go as far as to kill you.

Beuamanor hall

facts about beuamanor!