St. Piran News 22nd November http://perranporth.j2webby.comWe continue to focus on calculating. We all know the pairs of numbers making 10. Next week we shall be partitioning other numbers. How many ways can you think of to make 7?

In Numeracy we also looked at 3d shapes. We watched a film about 3d shapes in the supermarket. How many different 3d shapes can you find around your home?

On Wednesday we celebrated Mrs Balinger’s birthday. We ate cake and had a party. We are going to be talking about other celebrations. Bring in a photograph of a special celebration you have been to.

We have cast for the Christmas Play. Carol singers will need casual trousers, a jumper and scarf. Mice will need grey or brown trousers or leggings and t shirt. We shall provide ears and tails! We will need costumes in on Monday 9th December. Should you have any problems please let me know. Wise men, Mary and Joseph costumes will be provided. Please note: Mary and Joseph are always cast by drawing lots. The children were consulted about the other parts.

They will receive their lines next week in preparation for rehearsals.