I like sharks my previous blog was about gorrilas.But my second faviroit animal is a shark. I like sharks because they are visous animals.Sharks also eat lots of diffrent kinds of fish and vertualy anything that enters the ocean the great white eats otters all what it does is it sees the otter and darts at it.The great white doesnt reatreat it spends as long as possible trying to catch the otter.When the great white catchesthe otter it peirses it skin and eats the otter

Sharks have also egsistit for thousands ten thousands hundred thousands of years there are also extinct

acient sharks as well such as the megladon I am not saying sharks that egsist now didnt egsist

back then but it would be most likley they would be in a diffrent form in evaltion an older


Thats why I like sharks and I will always like sharks


This is what people

fort the size of a

megladon would be

but nowone nows

because they have

never seen one

This is a shark tooth

a shark canine speacilised

to eat fish.

This shark is not happy!