Stuck in the Blitz no longer

This term the Year 6 pupils at Johnstown school are studying the Blitz as part of their Summer Term theme. As it was recently the 70th Anniversary of VE day, which marked the end of World War 2, the Year 6 classes helped the PTA organise their very own VE Day street party on Friday 15th May. This allowed the pupils and teachers to experience similar emotions of excitement and happiness, which were felt by so many on the day that marked the end of the war 70 years ago.

As part of the celebrations, the Year 6 pupils performed songs from their forthcoming Year 6 show (Stuck in the Blitz), served cakes and squash and dressed up in traditional wartime clothing.

Our Johnstown Journal team had also been busy interviewing Headteacher of the school, Mrs. Starkey. Mrs Starkey's parents served in the military during World War II. Please listen to Mrs Starkey's views on the VE Day Celebrations:

5-Day Bombing Forecast

The Day in Pictures

A year 3 boy commented that he was really enjoying the entertainment and singing by Year 6. He said, "The Year 6 really know how to throw a party."

A Year 5 pupil said, "This day is fantastic and helps us remember the war."

A boy in Year 4 said, "This is all fun and the food is AMAZING!" Another Year 5 pupil said, "This is all very entertaining, and the food is lush! It also helps us remember all of the soldiers that were so brave in World War 2."

Children's Views

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(left) to see actual footage from VE-Day, 1945.

Special EditionFriday 15th May 2015