In England you Nursery, Primary, Secondary, college and Universities schools - you have been through Nursery (Maybe not) and a lot of primary school.

Burlington isn't the only Primary schools there is Corpus Christi, Christ Church, Green Lane, Sacred Heart, John Fisher and many others!

After you have finished at Burlington you will go to a secondary school, where everyone in your year might not be at. Some of the High Schools are Coombe Girls, Coombe Boys, Raynes Park, Ursuline and many others but there are also Grammar High Schools, where you have to take a test called 11+ to get into them, some of them are called Tiffin girls, Tiffin boys, Kingston Grammar school and many others!

Then you either stay at school and do A levels or you go and do them at College.

Then you might be done or you could go to University and get a degree in something!

Quiz Time: What logo goes with the following school: Burlington Junior, Sacred Heart, Coombe Girls and The Ursuline.