Sayers croft

The first day of Sayers croft was very exiting. The first thing we did was being separated into dorms the dorm I was in was abinger. Once we got in we made our beds and put all our clothes in our closets. Then we ate lunch .it was jacket potato.We had a rest and had dinner. then had a evening walk.

first day:

second day:

The next day we went up pitch hill and down pitch hill in total it was 5 miles we were so tired and sleepy. Next in our dorms we got separated into 2 groups. And in those groups we went swimming and it was freezing cold it was like an ice cube.

third day:

On the third day we went to the tuck shop. The tuck shop had many sweets and toys .I got a arrow pencil magnifying glass two necklaces and a tiny rubber.

fourth day: